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Art Of Stone goes to Kinstone Permaculture Academy

Kinstone Academy in Wisconsin is an Academy of Applied Permaculture. Art of Stone will construct a permanent sculpture on their grounds. More information! 

Presently looking for individuals

interested in learning the Art of Stone!

Our goal will be to bring the sketch below to life. This dry stone interactive sculpture will, upon   completion, take its place within the sculpture garden of Kinstone. 

In this piece there will be no arch, rather the simple majesty of stone will ring through.

With the "pinch" incorporated it will feel as though guests are squeezing through this ADA compliant sculpture. From the outside, peeks from the three interior columns will add to the silhouette of the five-foot high wall. 

Although this installation does not have any arches in it, I will be teaching the fundamentals of arching and balance to those involved so that they may have an element to add to their home working pleasure.

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