We first start with deconstruction of a preexisting wall, then organize to categorize the stone for use. Once achieved we delve into practicing with the arch form. Each stage leads to increased engagement and understanding of the larger structure.

Arches are fundamentally difficult to push over: they take on the character of solid intention paired with the science of physics.   

Arches successfully formed while the supervisor naps, I mean, oversees the project. 

While we work hard and get our knees dirty, here on the No Rooster Farm we also take the time to recline, caring for our new Cochin baby chicks and investing in conversations of growth. We stack stone and cultivate a culture of open dialogue. Our aim is to epitomize "work hard - play harder." 


Day 2 begins to show substantial growth as every participant works hard mixing mortar and laying stone. With few exceptions I choose to build without mortar, yet the design of this particular sculpture incorporated both round field stone and flat slate so I decided on the use of mortar as it would secure the piece.

Continuous work with an eye on the prize. 

Day 3, with buttresses in place, we solidify the form and continue our accent forward toward the arch. This will be the first Gothic arch on the property. In less than a week the Vermont Craft Council will launch their Spring Open Studio's event. This arch will be in place for the Rock Paper Scissors opening as it is in conjunction with the local Open Studio's event.

Whenever we set to pull the supporting form,  a mix of intrigue and excitement set in. Though I have lead many workshops and conducted several example arches, the thrill of feeling the stone gladly set into the arch has never lost the sensation of gratitude. Just like bees hard at work to cultivate their hive, the crew of invested students and I work the whole weekend - through towards the aim of creating a sculpture that will weather with the elements.

Though the outcome is never engraved, we make moves to solidify our goal, often intrigued with how the vision of the group plays out, always gratified by connections made.