Creating, building, growing.

Those words all describe the people and space that I have had the privilege to encourage and cultivate at my property in Northern Vermont.

Rock Paper Scissors is a gallery space that came into existence well before it resembled a gallery space. Last November I was incentivized to build a physical space, as soon as the snow started to melt in early May I set to work rearranging, repurposing, and relocating objects that filled the storage portion of my barn, Built in the early 1800's, it stands as a structure full of character which once was hard to see due to the stacked storage boxes and woodshed status. 

Excitedly, the front portion of my barn is now gallery ready. The back half will remain inhabited by my three angora goats, nearly thirty egg laying chickens and a new group of growing, very funny Cochin chicks. A loft studio for computer work is above the gallery, nearby is a sculpture and woodworking studio.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a gallery that is part of an open garden and sculpture park. It's open Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm and by appointment.

A small group of my friends and I worked diligently to transform the space. About 12 hours before the scheduled opening, the floors were still drying. It was invigorating to share the newly renovated space with friends and guest, some of whom I hadn't yet met. As the weekends continue to pass since the initial opening, it has continued to be a thrill to share the space with interested passers by. 



Here is an example of before and after: doors and windows made anew, floor pained, mostly hay-free.

This gallery space will continue to transform and grow.

Soon there will be studio spaces available for others to rent out. Morrisville, Vermont is growing as an arts community, I'm thrilled to offer parts of Rock, Paper, Scissors to others in the community as a space to create and show their pieces. 

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