As we wrap up the 2013 year and progress through into the next.                                                                 




I welcome you to explore this website with links to youtube, flickr and facebook, there are opportunities to see many more images and more detail. By looking into my friends work and locations, through their respective blogs and journals, you can trace and follow the history of my inspiration and why I explore the places I do.


A web site is a place where one can put images for others to see. 

In the case of a gallery with walls and doors the viewer enters and is engaged by the works, and good art creates inspiration and rather than telling the viewer what to think exactly,

it opens the imagination to explore possibilities.



Welcome to my gallery,  and to my earthwork. Generally, I do not work inside doors, or walls, and cannot be contained in a box. 


Full Circle, No Rooster Farm 2006

Full Circle, No Rooster Farm 2006


My Earthwork

\'mi\ \'erth-,werk\

(v.) positive progressive

indicates action being

taken and to be taken

Detail " Tres Mariposas, " (Three Butterflies), Canada, 2012.

Detail "Tres Mariposas," (Three Butterflies), Canada, 2012.

We collaborate,

all of us,

to create

the finished work.


While on any project, I interact with my partner Michael, with the team we gather around us, the environment, the client, and most importantly the materials. We collaborate, all of us, to create the finished work. 

What you will see throughout the website are designs that have come off the paper to become reality through bruit force, subtlety, nuance, and most importantly because of courage to test boundaries and break through into new possibilities, into the latest dimensions. 


Currently at work in the US Virgin Islands on an interior design project. 

Meet Marmaduke, our newest family member.


Play for a slice of my day; interior design in St.Croix: deliberate effort followed by fleeting sunsets.


THANK YOU Michael for all of your energy through every day; Leslie Eiser for this beautiful opportunity, and Edgardo Torres, our knowledgeable contractor.  


Soon will be at home in the warmth of my nest, with a crackling wood fire and home cooked meals,  a sculpting studio instead of a living room, and a sculpture park instead of a lawn. 

I found Marmaduke in serious need of love, companionship and care, took him in and then to the vet. Glad to say he is doing better everyday. He plays!

I found Marmaduke in serious need of love, companionship and care, took him in and then to the vet. Glad to say he is doing better everyday. He plays!

Tony Cenicola capturing an image of two carved pieces in backyard vineyard

Tony Cenicola capturing an image of two carved pieces in backyard vineyard


In February I was contacted by Michael Tortorello of the New York Times, who asked  if I'd be interested in an interview.

 Of course I said yes,

and returned his email with a phone call immediately. Over the next few months we reviewed ideas for where and when to meet up. We settled on a three day visit to my house where I could show him many local sculptures, the chapel in its completion and enjoy the Vermont spring beauty. Between the time the story was published and his visit, I sweated and worried.

After the interview the New York Times sent out their photographer, Tony Cenicola, for a two day visit in which I gained permission to take photos of the private chapel and visited, as time would allow, sites around our area. 

I was in Italy when the article hit July 18, and received hundreds of emails from people all over the world. Including one from an editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, asking for an interview when I returned Stateside.

This article has just hit news stands, in the November issue you'll see some words and work on page 33.


I'm planning ahead further, always looking at Next.

Working out the details for a permanent installation at the grounds of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN, and booking workshops in both Sweden and Norway and hoping for a visit with Norman Haddow in Scotland. 

So what is ahead for the team? I have a stone wall to build in New Hampshire that will be several stone flowers all linked together, in early November, then we travel to NYC to visit Khara Ledonne and pick up new stone for carving at the Compleat Sculptor

In late November we travel to Cape Cod to design a moon gate entrance to a new gallery in Eastham, and a presentation to the Welfleet Gardeners Club. In early December, I travel to Duke University in North Carolina to discuss sculpture with the Dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment. After that we will settle into our winter of carving and I will work part time with our local not for profit River Arts in Morrisville with fundraising and invigorating the arts scene locally

 I do travel a lot. As I do I realize that people on earth are all very similar. We all have innate basic needs. We want to love and be loved, eat, work, and provide for our families. The people I find in the circles in which I travel, are whole and honest and good. They stand up for the earth and want beyond anything politically or religiously motivated to just be at peace. 


The more I travel and experience, the more I realize that what I know of to be 'rules' are very subjective, and that I know very little at all.


 Be pulchritudinous in all you do. - Thea