On our first visit to Mandala Gardens in Marion, Illinois. we had the pleasure of building the Infinity Arch. This visit, our goal was to build a large moon gate in time for their garden festival. 

Despite torrential rain which turned our work zone into mudslide city, we laid out the wall and began work. Diana Tigerlilly, Greg Reid, Seth Woodward, Michael and I worked together through the buggy day to firm up our foundation with much gratefulness to the breeze which kept the biting insects at bay. 

By the third day the rain was followed by heavy winds. While being up on staging through high force winds does have its note of intrigue, I chose to air on the side of caution, postponing furthering building.

When the local Channel 3 News team arrived the next day it felt as though our patience had been rewarded. After a quick break to watch the interview on TV, we finished the arch, then completed the buttress walls with cap stones.

We are having a blast.

Further detail of this project can be learned via my Facebook page as well as Mandala Gardens postings.