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Trulli Reconstruction, Puglia Italy

Image thanks to  Amanda Roelle

Image thanks to Amanda Roelle

Experience Restoration - Southern Italy Style

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This 15-day course in Puglia will offer students experience in stone restoration and exposure to the vernacular architecture of the Valle d'ltria area. Similar to last year, this workshop will consist of reconstruction of a broken trullo, and a ground walling project. The trullo pictured above is an example of what sort of roof we will be working on, located between Ceglie Messapica and Martina Franca. 

We will work with local stone masons, called Trullari, to put a new roof on an old home.

Tuition options:

FULL WORKSHOP OPTION: 2450Euro 15-28 April, 2018/ 9 work days, 3 excursion days, 1 day off

WEEK 1 OPTION 1225 Euro 15-22 April, 2018 6 days/ 7 nights 4 work days, 2 excursion days.

WEEK 2 OPTION1575 Euro 20-28 April, 2018 / 8 days, 9 nights/ 5 work days, 3 excursion days

All options include ground transportation, tours in Puglia, meals, board and instruction. Accommodation is at Casa Cilona, a country side bed and breakfast of stone buildings and trulli, nestled among centuries-old olive trees and just a short walk to the project site. Workshop fee includes instruction, dorm style lodging at Casa Cilona, three delicious meals a day and excursions. An excursion to the UNESCO city of Matera in the neighboring province of Basilicata will be April 21, therefore available to all participants. Students are responsible for their own health insurance, and for transportation to Puglia, Italy. 

The workshop is limited to 8 students. Deposit of 500 Euro by March 1, 2018 is required to save your place.

Look here to visually share in last years experience of restoration!